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Determine Your Needs…

How do you know if you need Trading and Consulting International, Inc. to help you GoInternationally? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, contact us.

• Do you have insufficient knowledge about exporting or setting up your company’s operations abroad?

• Are you unable to identify viable sales prospects, agents, distributors, joint venture partners, and/or investors overseas?

• Do you have questions regarding the business protocol in other lands?

• Are you unable to identify suitable target markets on the basis of available information?

• Do you need assistance in preparing and implementing a total global strategy?

• Are you seeking high-level international contacts for your venture or investment banking proposals?

• Do you wish to establish a joint venture abroad? Do you wish to establish an international strategic business alliance?

• Do you wish to expand your franchise internationally?

If so, then contact us. Trading & Consulting International, Inc. can help you GoInternationally.

The challenges your institution faces are common to large corporations who have substantial resources and complex organizational structures

By focusing on small- to medium-sized institutions and corporate clients with substantial assets, production, and/or service capacity, we often see the same situations with respect to:

• Limited knowledge of market entry

• Desire to find the right joint venture partner

• Limited knowledge about regulations in foreign countries

• Lack of knowledge about culture and language

• Access to alternative international strategies

Why Choose Us?

At Trading & Consulting International, Inc. we work with the senior executive management of companies who have already committed to “GoInternationally.” We not only develop, but we implement global strategies – we will assign a member of our leadership to work with you team as an “Enabler and Implementer” to make your international business objectives happen.

We ask that clients meet some basic criteria to demonstrate their willingness to commit time, money, and resources to the endeavor, and to enable us to work with them most effectively. Our ideal client companies demonstrate:

• Medium and small-sized firms, up to large Fortune 500 corporations

• Growth rates of appropriate proportions.

• Solid capital position.

• Some form of technological, service, or product advantage in their niche market.

• Supportive senior management.

• Surplus of plant, professional service, or production capacity.

Our initial meetings with senior management help determine the company’s degree of commitment to international market opportunities. We want to establish your company’s desires and capabilities for planning, patience, and strategic imagination.

All this profiles your company for a Commitment and State of Readiness for entering or expanding in the global marketplace. If your company possesses many of these qualities, contact us.

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