Business Development

Business Development

Business Development


Trading & Consulting International, Inc.’s Business Development Service comprises a variety of tasks and processes aimed at developing and implementing clients’ international growth strategies and opportunities.

Business Case

a) Initial Concept

In the Initial Stage, we work closely with our clients to develop a particular business concept to be pursued. Assuming it is a viable concept/business opportunity, a Business Case is prepared.

b) Business Case*

The Business Case outlines the justification for initiating the project. It includes:

• Definition of the opportunity

• Analyses various solutions, inclusive of the potential market opportunities, benefits, costs, risks, and returns

• *(note: If a Feasibility Study is required, to assess a particular solution, this will be conducted by the investor)

 c) Investor Roadshow

During this stage we assist the client in the development of a presentation. During a Roadshow, our client’s management travels around the U.S. and/or internationally with our leadership to participate in presentations to potential investors or interested parties.

We provide your company with the names and addresses of firms, representatives, or investors interested in your company’s venture, investment, or sales proposals; we locate interested and qualified overseas agents, distributors, joint venture partners, or investors for your products or services, and we supply brief comments about the suitability and financial strength of the international company or investor as a prospective business partner.

In short, the ultimate goal is to bring your company face-to-face with potential parties who might make a good match for your international strategic objectives. We provide all the relevant information your company needs regarding the company or investor with whom you plan to do business, including:

• Foreign company’s organization

• Company’s background

• General reputation

• Language preferred

• Product lines handled

• Principle owners

• Financial, trade, and joint venture references

Market Assessment

Our services include assessments of marketing opportunities and target markets, and market intelligence gathering on customers and competitors; these tasks are undertaken in order to generate leads for possible sales, or follow up sales activity or business opportunities. We help clients meet new and unforeseen challenges to keep them on a path of sustainable international growth.

Capital Raising

This service is reserved for institutional, or sophisticated and accredited investors.