Relationship & Brand Management- Internationally

Relationship & Brand Management - Internationally

Relationship & Brand Management - Internationally


Public Relations

Trading & Consulting International, Inc. International Public Relations Services manage external international communication and relationships of an organization or business to create and maintain a positive image for the client. Our services focus on clients’ successes over failures, crisis management, announcing changes, and many other events and activities.

Relationship Management

Our relationship management services focus on high level international relationships – from CEOs to Chairmen, Chairwomen, Royals, and Senior Executives. We believe business is not just a product, it is a relationship, and we devote a significant number of resources to managing key relationships.

Brand Equity

We provide International Brand Equity Services to build-up value in your international corporate brand. We measure the value of your company’s international brand equity to identify opportunities and areas to build brand equity. We compare the expected future revenue from the branded product with the expected future revenue from an equivalent non-branded product.

Representation Services

Our International Business Representative services focus on representing U.S. clients internationally, conversely, representing international clients outside their home market. We interact with high level prospects, handle tough questions, and navigate through the cultural and international terrain to build a strong international business and sales opportunity pipeline. We manage the qualification process for clients’ target international markets, focus on key decision makers, and develop a customized approach to present clients’ sales/business opportunities.

 Cultural Services

We provide valuable advice on business etiquette, customs and protocol for doing business worldwide. Do not let a business deal fall through due to misunderstandings of business practices in another country. We never consider foreign language to be a “problem.” If we do not speak the tongue, we find someone who does. We have access to the best possible translators to assist in getting the business message across clearly, regardless of the language or dialect. Language is not a barrier, it is a business tool. Let us guide you to a successful international venture through our knowledge of:

• International business

• Customs and traditions

• Business protocol

• Foreign languages